Llera Sport Skill Ball

Llera Sport Skill Ball is the best football training tool available for developing skill and technique and improving coordination, agility and touch. All at the same time!

From young developing players to experienced pros, the Llera Sport Skill Ball improves football skill, timing, concentration, confidence and touch. The best part? It doesn’t get boring and is a lot of fun! The skill ball is used by many highly regarded academies world wide as well as Arsenal, Sheffield United, Sheffield Wednesday, Brentford and Newport Town!

Mosborough Football Club will recieve a percentage of each sale as long as you order it through our affiliated link: http://llerasportskillball.com/a/MosboroughFC


Allows the player to kick without holding a cord
Returns the ball in a realistic & game like way
Allows consistent repetition which makes players better, faster
Forces players to use both feet, developing the neglected, weak foot
Fun & requires minimal space. Use it anywhere!
Improves coordination & soft touch, very important football requirements

Remember, when ordering make sure you use Mosborough FC’s direct link to ensure we receive the funding: http://llerasportskillball.com/a/MosboroughFC

If you need any help when ordering or more information on the product do not hesitate to get in touch with the club using any of the contact details on the Contact page or by filling in the below enquiry form.

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